The first months of Spring never quite feel that way in Seattle, WA.  I live about an hour away in a cute city called Lakewood, home to some of the most stunning gardens. We need rain and it delivers plenty of rain in buckets. The wind can be fierce, and sometimes it snows. We wear sweaters, scarfs, and heavier jackets for what seems like an extended period of time and then like magic, sometime between May and June our beautiful, sweet spot appears.

It’s the perfect time for donating unused pieces and shopping the Winter markdowns. I’ve always loved thrifting and mixing in the old with new. I wear boots and booties for as long as I can, experimenting with accessories and wearing light weight blouses, flowy skirts, and dresses. This year I’m doing more with color which isn’t my typical vibe but I’m finding it therapeutic. Sometimes we have to do what our spirit demands. Inconsistent temperatures mean lots of layers.  I prefer a sweater coat, long cardigan, or statement jacket with almost everything. I wear and repurpose my clothes over and over. These styles represent my wardrobe right now but there is a new closet project in the works. Can’t wait to share more about that down the road!

I can’t talk about transition and spring style without discussing velvet. It’s one of my favorite fabrics!  A luxurious soft hand, weight and texture have labeled it in our minds as a winter or holiday fabric, but it is so much more!  Velvet cloth comes a variety of weights and types, including crushed velvet, stretch velvet, and velveteen. You can wear velvet according to the weather. If it’s hot out, probably not a good idea, but by all means, reach for velvet all year around and create instant polish!