If loving yourself is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I have learned that there is no substitute for loving yourself. It’s been a personal struggle of mine since childhood. Trauma set me on course of self deprecation, depression and a load of heavy baggage I wasn’t sure how to unload.

Self love falls under the umbrella of self care; several steps above pampering yourself with self care activities. Shopping, Going the spa, candles in the bath, taking up yoga, are all great but if your self talk is off then you’re not able to be at your best or highest self.

Loving yourself is an awareness of how you speak about yourself to yourself. It’s relaxing about life and being less critical about how you take up space in the world. It’s emotional flexibility. It’s accepting your body and your mind as they are. It’s making mistakes, going easier on yourself and shaking things off that don’t serve you. It’s the people you allow in your personal space. It’s nourishing yourself with kindness and setting healthy boundaries.

As in any worthwhile relationship, you must be committed to put energy there because only you can do it. It may feel uncomfortable, even selfish and that’s completely normal because it requires focus, a constant continual acceptance of yourself through the ups and downs…

I think it’s the most important work of your life and guess what, it gets easier with practice and overtime. In the meantime, it’s okay to ask for help as you learn to keep all things YOU in perspective. For me, It took years and a few great Therapist. Best money ever spent.

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