A little more about me:

Mental Health Advocate
Self Love Champion
Second in a family of 14
Ability to make something out of nothing
Learned how to cook as a child
I love being creative with everything
Clothing designer
Degree in Fine Arts

I’m always learning new things and also laugh out loud at myself all the time. I can be overly fussy about the funniest things (after all, persnickety is my favorite word). I wasn’t sure I would ever get married again, and then in August 2019, I started dating my now husband who I met in the most life altering way. He is an amazing human. We married, September 26, 2020.

  It’s never too late to “push go” on that idea! I hope you’re encouraged to step up for yourself too.

Self-Described Late Bloomer

My name is April. I’ve always been naturally curious and creative. I want to know how to do things.

I’m the kind of person to share openly, my discoveries, passions and yes, even hard lessons learned. My interests are broad. I like things to be affordable, function and look good. This Lifestyle Blog is years in the making trapped behind what seemed like impossible barriers, and truthfully, I just now have the courage to share openly.

Life happens. I spent almost 20 years of my life being “what I call” an accidental housewife, then divorced and single for 13 years. It’s a long story (too long to share here). Let’s just say, I finally started taking up space…to just BE ME!  What does this really mean?  Well, it’s being myself, without apology. Yes, Every bit awkward and even quirky, me. 

Style expression: I started sewing, designing, and thrifting clothing as a child in the 70s. Most of my wardrobe is sustainable. I make alterations and adjustments for just the right detail. I’m energized by trends, but I go with what looks good on my body. I am influenced by my mother’s love for accessories and my style reflects a modern version of her. Age doesn’t dictate what I choose to wear, and my clothing typically reflects my mood. I love to play with style so I may look quite different from one day to the next. From projects around the house to my closet, I get excited when I can find time to “do it myself”!

Food and Self Care: I’m warrior for people struggling with mental illness and advocate of self love. I believe mental illness is as important as any disease, including cancer and heart disease. Self love is what you believe at your core about yourself. It can make or break your path in life. What we say to ourselves is as important as what we say to others. For years I struggled with this because I lacked boundaries and overextended myself. Now, I’m careful about the way I treat people and the way they treat me. Eating and moving are also a part of self care. Exercise can be any number of activities such as dance, yoga, hiking or walking; it need not be intense unless you want it to be. It’s important to have fun and Just.Stay.Active. 

I became interested in food when my mother lost her battle with heart disease, and complications surrounding high blood pressure and diabetes. She was only 51. I believe in eating the best food you can afford in the right portions sizes. I place high value on what I put in my body, especially vegetables and fruit. I enjoy the typical seasonal garden variety but what I tend to be more interested in, Is learning about fruits and vegetables I haven’t been exposed to very much, if at all. Anything I share here about food will be mostly plant based or easily adapted. I believe we can all benefit from eating more plants.