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Always in the mood for soup

It’s light, nutritious and easy to put together in pinch. Soup is one of the small things I do for myself and I’ll be sharing new recipes with you regularly. The ultimate comfort food; like therapy in a bowl.
I’ve lived in the Northwest almost my entire life and can’t think of another place as plush and green in the spring and summer, with both mountain and water like we get to enjoy all year around. The weather can be unpredictable but we do know for sure – is that it will most certainly rain.
It’s the perfect backdrop for soup. I eat hot soup year-round. For years, January has been my time to reset, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. A clean, great tasting soup during the first few weeks of a new year, brings you back to balance after the holidays. What I love about THIS soup is that it’s made with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like Turmeric and Ginger and it’s quick and easy to make. You can add meat or change out the vegetables, but I enjoy it as is. In fact, I double the recipe and we do our own detox with green juice in the morning, soup for lunch and a sensible dinner. Let me know what you think!

Between Winter and Spring

Covid-19 can make us feel as if life will never be “normal” again. The thing is, I’m hopeful because we know this isn’t the first time in history we’ve come through a pandemic. Life does have a way of going on. Although I typically wear neutrals, I’ve been thinking about more vibrant colors these days; using what I already have. Color has a way of lifting the mood. This time of year, I’m thinking more about the rebirth of nature and the colors that make us feel like spring. Just for the fun of it, I blended that color vibe with my usual black. I may buy one or two items but I’m mostly shopping in my closet, accessorizing and mixing it all in with a few thrifted pieces.

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